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18 October
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i don't really write here often. this lj is just where i spazz on fanstuff and write site update notifications to the real site of my abjds (asian ball-jointed dolls). Most of the characters there are from my online manga. where i really write... see below.

that contains profanity and mature content though. controlled sometimes. could be R-18. could disturb sensibilities.

that is one of the main reasons i try to stay away from lj (aside from i couldn't customize the look of my lj much --- not interested in getting a paid account.. ok maybe just for iconspace XD).

if still interested and could exercise caution and open-mindedness, that site is HERE or subscribe to its LJ syndication at dps_doll. my life+fan spazzing HERE or at its feed dpsblack.

also very in love with this guy: Photobucket中河内雅貴 (Nakagauchi Masataka). it's only he who made me believe in all the connotations of the sun for the first time in my life. and seeing him irl further proved that the sun really does shine away^-^!


Shinya aka kurama barton. Born Oct.18 / Bloodtype O+ / Sun sign Libra / Moon sign Scorpio / Chinese sign Water Metal Dog / DoA mikagami

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